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This album may be used to host images posted on <b></b>. Image retention policy not finalized.

Click on the title to get started. Welcome to Message Board's Image Upload facility. This gallery may be used to upload images for use on the Message Board ONLY! Any other images uploaded to this site will be removed and the user's IP recorded. Images on this board may be deleted by the administrator after a period of time. There is a separate gallery for photoshop images we wish to keep.

To add an image, use the scroll box to the upper right that says <b> << admin options >> </b>. Scroll down to "<b>add photo</b>". You will get a pop-up window that allows you to upload as many as five photos. Use the <b>Browse</b> button to browse for the image located on your hard drive and Press <b>Upload now</b> You will see the following:

Processing status...

- Adding <i>Imagename</i>.jpg

Resizing/compressing original image

No resizing required

No resizing required

At the end of this message click on the <b>Dismiss</b> button. You will returned to the gallery and thumbnails of your pictures. Click on the thumbnails to get the full size image.

Right-clicking on either the thumbnail or the full size image gives you access to the url of either for posting on Post using normal board image-posting procedures.

Registration is required. To register, click <a href="">Here</a>. Please use your message board username - you will be emailed a password.

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